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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
A) You cant call it after you have hit a return sitter
B) You cant call it on the first offense ... you need to give a warning first
A) Wasn't two bites at the apple. Called it while in the process of returning the ball. Had I waited until after I saw it was a sitter, I'd agree.

B) Code seems less than definitive on this to me... it seems more geared to addressing people whose feet cross the baseline. This guy literally served from the wrong court while chasing an errant toss. The guy was not a habitual foot faulter, but in this case he committed a blatant and egregious fault. Maybe I didn't handle it exactly per the Code... If so I made a mistake. Curious what others would have done - both feet were literally on the wrong side of the center line by a couple feet.

24. Foot Faults. A player may warn an opponent that the opponent has committed a flagrant foot fault. If the foot faulting continues, the player may attempt to locate an official. If no official is available, the player may call fla- grant foot faults. Compliance with the foot fault rule is very much a function of a player’s personal honor system. The plea that a Server should not be penalized because the server only just touched the line and did not rush the net is not acceptable. Habitual foot faulting, whether intentional or careless, is just as surely cheating as is making a deliberate bad line call.
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