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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
A 5 set match with the 5th being 6-4 is being blown off the court? I think you need to revise your idea of just exactly what that means.

And Wimby is an outdoor tournament,and closing the roof just in case it rains is bs,and shouldn't be allowed.
He lost. End of the story. Closing the roof made him lose that match? P-L-E-A-S-E!
I take it that you like to sit around waiting for 5 hours, play for 30 minutes, then wait another 5 hours, then go back to your hotel to resume tomorrow, isn't it? Well, different strokes for different folks, what can I say?
Rain may come, daylight is fading, whatever... If there is a roof, use it. It would be stupid for NOT using it. Wimby people are smarter than USO people IMO.
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