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Originally Posted by NickJ View Post
Hi all, just wanted to share some info but keep it to yourselves as this may go global very quickly. I'm developing a new racquet that if the technology works will blow all other racquet manufacturers out of the water!
I'm calling it the NickJ Super-Duper 3000. It is essentially all the tech that racquet companies over the years have added to their racquets, all combined in one! Imagine how good that stick will be!??!!! It will have biomimietic (? is that a made up word? Who casres it sounds techy) Youtek Ncode Kfactor BLX Micro-liquid-metal-gel, a Vcore with a few Woofers & Rollers thrown in, made from a Hyper-Aero-Pro Braided carbon/titanium/kevlar/unobtainium mix.
I'm sure there's some other tech I've forgotton to include but please remind me what else I can shove in there & I'll give you a credit! What a racquet this is gonna be!
If you really did that it would be the WORST racquet ever conceived because EVERY new technology that has been put into tennis racquets over the past 30 years have made the racquets WORSE. So if you put ALL of these useless technologies into ONE racquet, it would be so BAD that it would be UNPLAYABLE.

The 30 year old racquets (e.g., PS 85, POG, PC600 & Donnay Pro One, etc.) are still better than anything that has come out since.
"You CANNOT be serious!!"
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