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Default 1HB Question, Video Included

Hey all. This July, I switched to a 1HB. While my shot is improving, I'm curious about how long you're supposed to keep a stiff wrist when hitting it. I know I'm should keep the wrist stiff at contact (something I am trying to work on), but after that, when should my wrist be free to move? I've looked at several pros hit their 1HB, but I can't tell at what point exactly they "unlock" their wrists.

I'm also interested in the correct swing path of a 1HB. I don't have a coach, but when I was in a tennis program during the Summer, one of the instructors told me my swing path was moving outwards too much, rather than to my opposite shoulder? Or at least, that is what it seemed like when he shadowed a few BH's for me

Here are some clips of me hitting groundstrokes about a week after the switch. They are a bit outdated, but my strokes have stayed relatively the same. I wish I could post a more current video, but I don't have access to a decent camera anymore. The second clip kind of has a kid yelling in the background... so sorry about that.

Any critiques on my strokes are welcome

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