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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
"Men's tennis is currently in the top four in terms of quality and popularity, itís at its peak, just like golf when Tiger Woods dominated," Tipsarevic said. "In women's tennis itís very different. I do not underestimate the achievements of Victoria Azarenka and the others, but their best time is over. That was when the Williams sisters, Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin and Amelie Mauresmo were at the top. I wouldn't say a good junior could beat Serena 6-1, 6-2, but it is ridiculous that women get equal prize money at the Grand Slams."

Such a woman hater.
Janko just missed the point. It's cyclical. Once Federer and Nadal retire, does he really think men's tennis will retain the same heights? Of course not. Nor does he say that women should have been paid more back when they were thriving and the men's were struggling.
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