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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
Janko just missed the point. It's cyclical. Once Federer and Nadal retire, does he really think men's tennis will retain the same heights? Of course not. Nor does he say that women should have been paid more back when they were thriving and the men's were struggling.
What makes you think he doesn't think so? Currently, that isn't the case.

Not to mention, even though it's cyclic, men will always be more popular than women in sports. I don't think that's what they complain about. The problem is that women don't determine the payscale differently. If their tournaments were held seperately and they were to attract similar revenue, I don't think the likes of Stakhovsky and Simon would give a f*ck. It is the fact that men and women earn the same by default that ****es off some people, since it brings pseudofeminist crap into BUSINESS. Do WNBA players earn the same money as NBA players do? Do male models earn the same money that female ones do? Do female MMA fighters earn even a fraction of what the guys do?

Completely ignoring this: why do women play a different format in the first place? I mean, I know it's posh to call these fellas sexist, but honestly, making women play the same format of tennis that guys play when they play the warm up tournaments (non-slams essentially) is far more insulting than anything that they could say. There is just no way that people getting paid the same prizemoney while only playing best of 3 makes sense.

The saddest part is, throughout history, feminists have complained about having to work twice as hard for the same money. In tennis, asking for the same rules for equal money is considered "sexist". A joke.
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