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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
Come on guys... I thought we were done with Racket Tech? It's so stone age!

What you need, is a hyper static string made of a combination of adamantium and unobtainium, using nano-technology to constantly monitor static levels, string tension, elasticity levels, and RPM of the string (yes, the string will actually SPIN so that they will put RPM on the ball for you even if you hit with a 100% flat stroke) to give you that perfect "grab" into the "sweetspot" with plenty of "ball pocketing" that launches the ball with levels of spin and pace that would make a combination of Nadal's forehand and the hard hitting Delpo look like a newborn.

You kids needs to drop your little toy rackets and move on to the future of tennis.
Yeah, I agree! Im thinking it needs a Star Trek tractor beam built into it, to always suck the ball right into the center of the string bed.
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