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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
It is funny how Federer fans think Federer has the better forehand, better backhand, as good or better movement, yet he loses most of the baseline rallies in 85% of their matches (basically every match that wasnt indoors).
Matchups? His BH isn't very good against Nadal. Federer's serve might be vastly superior to Nadal, but against Federer, Nadal's serve looks much better than it is since Federer struggles against it etc.

Also, nobody claimed that Federer currently moves anywhere near well as Nadal.

Nadal's BH has declined. back in the day it was a much better shot.

You also ignore things that cannot be put into usual categories of "FH, BH, movement". Passing shots, defense, consistency.

I mean it's like you're pretending to be stupid just to have a go at me.
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