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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
its available here, you've made me curious to check it out
By all means get Rick to send you a copy. The baseline patterns are excellent. The variety Hana uses is excellent while Chris grinds away like a machine matching Hana with hard flat strokes. Some baseline rallies are won by wrong footing Chris and some are won with nasty topsoin backhand drives down the line out of no where.

The diving backhand volley and roll was as good as anything that I ever saw Becker produce. Hana must have scored 10 times with the drop shot because so often Chris was pushed back on her heels by Hana's penetration.

But Chris wins because of her relentless perserverence, and, of course Hana plays a couple of really bad games at inoportune times. Though I prefer the results of Hana's 1981 French win or her 1985/1986 wins over Chris, this is my favorite match to watch between the two.

Also get the 1982 French win over Austin. Hana dominates much of the match only to make it more difficult than necessary. But its another great example of how good Hana could be on red clay against a baseliner.
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