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No worries 5263, I'm cool with the tough love from Cheetah. Though I do appreciate the positive feedback from you as well

I think all the slow shadowing of the takeback at home has rubbed off on the court! And the takeback still isn't where we want it to be! The elbow position is the key, I think I need to raise it some more on the takeback.

Yes I do need to improve on the movement. Video is nice because I'd never believe the mistakes until I see it for myself.

Will work on the inside out. Been working on the crosscourt too long, which is probably why my hips are not coiled enough, I got the habit of keeping them too open. I do feel that I'm regressing though- the shape of the arc is flattening out, and my net clearance is lower. Perhaps this is the evidence of poor loading of the right leg, that has crept in.

Uploaded some fresh match play vids. I do need to cut off the angles more and take charge of the center of the court, otherwise I'll just get jerked around. Anyway I posted it here and not the court sense thread, to show the footwork.
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