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From your description on what you're looking for, I really suggest trying the V1. It definitely has the qualities you want as well as the comfort that other stiffer racquets like the PD are lacking a little sometimes. If you've got arm problems then play around with the strings a little, although you definitely are starting at a good, arm-friendly point with the V1. Let me know what you think after a playtest!

Siobhan, TW

I had a long work-out with the V1 MP the last couple days and the results were mixed. Biggest problem I had was when hitting my slice backhand. It was okay when I was just chipping or dinking the ball but when I tried to hit it deep to the baseline; I couldn't drive through the ball and caught myself flicking at it in order to get depth. It was strung with a poly (not sure of which one or what tension - probably around 53-55). Maybe I could get more out of a livelier string at a lower tension, but I'm not sure if that'll work out overall.
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