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I think that currently Serena's is the 6th greatest female tennis player of all time. Goolagong, Henin and Venus are all just outside the top 10.
Which 5 do you place above her. I place Goolagong nowhere near Henin and Venus. 4 of her 7 majors are Australian Opens with severely depleted fields. Henin won 4 Frenchs in arguably a really weak clay era, but it was still a legit slam, the best available players, barring injury, always played. There is a difference between a weak field and the field not even being there, and an event not even being treated like a Slam event back then for women especialy. She won 0 non Australians from 1972-1979. Court I give more benefit of doubt since she likely would have won all but maybe 2 of those Australians, she was that dominant at the event, Goolagong would not have.
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