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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Oh, donīt do that or iīll turn red.

Kodes is somewehere near the top 35 or so, yet he was a main charcater in one of the greatest eras ever, the early 70īs.IMO, in termos of qquality, variety, characters and competitive guts, the early 70īs are, along the late 50īs and early to middle 80īs, the best era ever for male tennis.early to middle 90īs could be very close to that, and that makes 4 slots of time when tennis was clearly superior to other slots of times.My opinion, of course.
I agree regarding the periods of strongest competition.

I would go with Dan Lobb (By the way, I miss him a bit) that the late 1950s were the toughest time because there was that fantastic group of top pros who played each other for about five years and were ranked 1 to 6 in every of those years.You know: Gonzalez, Hoad, Rosewall, Sedgman, Segura and Trabert.
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