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It is a bunch of imaginary things. If people over-analyze something to show that they have a new insight, they come up with these kind of things. They look for intent where there isn't any. They try to artificially separate intent from flow to show that there is some value-add to their method. Many of these claims are of the wishy-washy kind and what we end up doing is trying to treat them rationally and then arguing among ourselves. This prolongs the thread and provides publicity. We are the ones who are being fooled.
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Well, he's talking about Federer - and I would expect Federer to produce more sidespin.

I think this is natural for most people, and we have an extreme example in Nadal.
Here are pictures of Federer forehand with different camera speed.

Figure 1. Federer forehand - high speed camera

Like Nadal, Federer rotates relevant parts of his body very smoothly and without abrupt sideway acceleration.

Figure 2. Federer forehand - low speed camera

The last three frames of fig.2 demonstrate extreme wrist activity and arm pronation. It is absolutely clear that Federer and Nadal donít follow Wegner instructions.
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