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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Murray - Oh mate, I've had a feeling for a while the Volkl X 315 could be of special interest to me. I've always rated Volkl build quality (a la the C10 Pro)... another frame then to contend with... BTW, You ever hit with a Juice 100? If so, where does it rank for you?

hrstat57 (and others) - Aren't these V1 Classics OS? How 'big' does it play? Not too much like a great frying pan?!
V1 classic comes as MP and OS. Seriously tempted to try one but the chaepest I can find one is 145. Another one to check out is the PK Ki5 295 which seems to have all the attributes you are looking for.
Prince Response 97 with gut/poly@54/50
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