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Finally got to hit after more than a week. Hopefully this shows some improvement. Probably needs more hip turn. Takeback still an issue.

Spent some time running around the backhand to hit inside out forehands. Apparently most of the time, I end up using a linear weight transfer! @_@

Perhaps I should drop hit some balls from the ad side first, rather than live hitting...
In regards to the takeback, just try two things...First, DO lead back with the elbow (it will help keep your arm from externally rotating, wrist extending). It's a requirement for a more ATP type backswing.

Next, with your elbow slightly elevated and leading, turn your thumb downward (slight pronation) as you step up to the top of the backswing. (right now, you are supinating/fanning the racquet open in the backswing)

Contrary to most posts here,,,,,this will actually shorten your backswing, and keep the racquet/hand to the right side/inline with the path of the ball. And most importantly, it will help close the racquet face and find a more "pat the dog" position as you lay the racquet down.

Look again at what Pat D is working on with girl in the second video...

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