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U need to let an ESTP compete, holding her out isn't the answer. But u'll have to work on her spirit extra strong as you go...otherwise, at a later day, u never know and she just might derail...when things don't go exactly according to plan (as they often don't for us mere mortals in life, then whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do w/out a soul? Better to work on it now. Better to start, instilling that portion of her "lost" perspective now. It's in their, burried a little down deeper in there than for some, but it's still there. I have a greater perspective in mind now, a more universal way of thinking, less slamming, but more grand, ya know?). Vut it's exhausting, and not particularly exciting. But, oh well, I hope I guess, that someobyd's gotta try at least sometime, just the way it is. What little we can to contribute. I actually like ESTP's a lot, they don't really bother me, but rub others the wrong way, we all have certain types usually who just kind act like our triggers, hit that nerve, for whatever reason, it just is what it is, the more we feel inclned to learn about, then less and less so, then eventually just appreciate, the way it is, and grow stronger in the process, less blind-faults to deal with, feeling al ittle bit more sublime today. Btw, could well be a ST, maybe even a NT...but unlikely a SF, or NF, jmo, I'd skip the rest, I really think Niednagel's more accurate, bcs. he was the first to really start seeing through the persona. His type tends to be "made" for objectively, methodically classifying things and patterns that they see, less blinded that way, I mean come on, really, Dill Clontin an ESFP? An how an ESFP woman probably think shes an INFJ...just how it is. Niednagels' type I bleieve ISTJ tends to be best at not letting feelings or fame or whatever get in the way, w. what do I actually's very hard to remain netural color blind-like that, most of us, we immediately want to apply our "persona" tint to everything, hey it's tough going through life feeling like vanilla pudding, but somebody's gotta do it. It's a "special" talent too, just not as obvious and "glorified" as some. Whenever you start getting into glorifying traits, you're just killing the soul, but don't even know it yet. Then, when everything goes kapooey in you're life, you'll go ah man, I wish I knw that sooner.
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