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Looking at the scores of these matches from the list, it appears that on slower surfaces against great baseliners, Hana was worn down in that third set if it got that far. Mental or physical fatigue might have been the decisive factor after two sets of long rallies vs a Jaeger, Evert, or Austin, at least through '85. Those final sets on clay see a lot of 1-6 or 2-6 scores, while against s/vers like Martina, she hangs tougher. That problem is drifting by 85. Some of those clay scores do impress, but we also know that there were PLENTY of losses in 3rd or 4th rds against second raters on either side of them. Hana was not really a great clay courter. She was a woman capable of playing great clay court tennis. Above all, Hana was consistently -an enigma.

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