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Originally Posted by stules View Post
I have taken a few of the formulas that have been on various threads lately,
and combined them into a more more useable format.
Thanks to all that contributed. Instructions are included particularly Travlerjm, Amone, and TonyB. Should be self explanetory.
I hope this helps............
download it here
You have to go to the bottom of the page, and read the instruction.

I figure you have Excell on your pc.

open the spreadsheet.

There is no need to copy the formula. Across the bottom of the page are 'tabs. I have inserted about 10 popular racquets there, with the specs off TW. click on the tab, and mod away to your hearts content.

When you wish to use a new racquet,
'right click' on any tab at the bottom of the page,
click 'copy sheet'
tick the sheet you wish to copy
'right click' on the new tab and rename to the desired name.

The blue fields need to be filled out, ie if your racqet length is 69.5cm, you need to insert that number in the blue square.

Fill out the blue 'weight added' squares with grams of lead at a distance from the butt (both figures can be varied) but leave the space blank or with a '0' in it if you don't place lead there. Negative numbers work as well, eg if you trim down the grommets, weigh them before and after, and place the difference as a minus figure at the average distance from the butt where you trimmed.

TW's figures are close, but they are averages of that racquet, and not for your specific one. ie if you have a 4 5/8 grip it may be heavier, and slightly more head light. With this in mind I weigh the actual racquet I am modding, measure its actual balance point (with overgrip and dampener on) and check the SW using the pendulum method (as per the bottom of the spreadsheet) and then insert these figures into the start of the spreadsheet instead of TW's. Either way is reasonably close.

Please follow these instructions, and hopefully it will be reasonably self explanatory. If you have any difficulties, please say so, as you won't be the only one. I have tried to label everything on the spreadsheet to make it useable without complicated instructions.

PS, I don't think there are any mistakes, but caveat emptor...
Regards Stuart
Hi, unfortunately your link and file is no longer available. Appreciate if you could mail it to me -->

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