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Putting aside the tennis greats prior to 1960, and doubles here's where I am.

HIngis or Venus

IMO. for Serena to get to higher, she needs some more impressive clay success. Beyond her victory over that great clay courter, Venus, She's a perennial quarterfinalist at RG and only one other semi. She desperately needs reach the finals after beating substantial opponents in a QF and Semi in a two week major, as opposed to being a one week wonder in Rome or Berlin or disappearing after 40 errors in a QF at RG. None of the women above her were that weak on a surface that a major was played on. I don't think its going to happen, and another Wimbledon or two isn't going to impress me that her serve and two other strokes didn't do most of the work. She has to show she can discipline her nature/temperament, to grind in rallies over a long haul, match after match, over great opponents and lesser ones and slide her way to the very end. A GOAT contender either has to master her weaknesses or make them irrelevant, in the quest for her toughest personal tennis challenges, not duplicate her easiest, the most often. Its about conquering your demons over and over in the hardest circumstances until you barely have them, not someone elses.

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