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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
It is not disqualifying for a goat to have a negative h2h against a surface goat. The era stuff is hypothetical (and beaten to death) and contradicted by 31 year old post peak Federer being nr 1.
Age means nothing.Tilden won majors past 35, so did Rosewall and, in the pros, Gonzales, against one of the fiercest cast of competitors ever gathered.Laver won the second GS in one of the most difficult eras ever, where such a gifted player as Tony Roche could not win a big title.Connors, in the middle of the Golden Era, recovered the nš 1 position and he was well over his 30īs.And Sampras and Agassi were past their 30īs when they won their last slam means nothing if you are in shape, and it certainly helps against less experienced players.
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