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Originally Posted by faranell View Post
Ok. im kinda new here so i dunno but how come 90% of the threads are polls like "who has better fh?" "who has better bh" "better shoes" "nicest hair"..
whats the point?
We at TW struggle for originality in terms of our threads, especially in between major tournaments. Higher quality trolls often tank this part of the season; however, they return fresh and eager usually a few days before the Australian Open begins.

The only way Federer has a better backhand than Nadal is if you do not isolate the slice as a separate shot. In terms of topspin backhand, it is not close. Nadal's is much better. In terms of slice, Federer's is much better, but in today's game the topspin drive is more important, and thus we can say Nadal has the better backhand. If slice is that important, I guess you could say Federer has a better backhand than Djokovic, too, as Djokovic's slice is much worse than Nadal's.

The results of the poll are so typically ridiculous. Let me ask Federer fans: According to you, Federer has the greatest forehand of all time--better than Nadal, better backhand, much better serve, much better return, much better net game and better movement. With all of these advantages, how does Federer lose so many matches to Nadal? Mental strength? Come on. Federer should dominate the rivalry, using his great serve and forehand to pound away cross court to Nadal's substandard backhand all the time. Yet it is the reverse that happens.
Bills looking good, will win Super Bowl.

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