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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
... hrstat57 (and others) - Aren't these V1 Classics OS? How 'big' does it play? Not too much like a great frying pan?!
The Volkl V1 Classic at 102 sq" is a midplus. As far as I know, it is not available in an OS version. It is moderately powered and forgiving with a generous sweet spot (due to its Big Grommet technology). It provides an excellent blend of power, control, feel and comfort. The power/control aspect can easily be adjusted by varying the string tension.

With a strung weight of 10.5-10.8 oz and a swingweight of 310-316, it easily lends itself to customization by adding a bit of lead tape. The racquet feels very stable on most shots. There are a few times when it does not feel quite as crisp as I would like it. This could probably be rectified with a change in string tension (or a bit of lead tape).

Even tho' this model has been around since 1994 (with only cosmetic changes, as far as it know), it still sells for $159 new from many sources. You might be able to find some used frames online since it has been around so long.
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