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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Thanks, we all agree on disagreeing from time to time tough most of us share the same vision and pretty similar background.

I honestly think that, in terms of talent, Vines was a better player than Kodes.But look at it the other way; Kodes achieved a lot being less talented than the all time greats and that deserves IMO, great respect and admiration.

Only Laver and Rosewall had a better return, specially off the BH side until Connors arrived.Kodes return could even weak down a gunner like Newcombe or Smith, both terrific servers.probably, only Laver and Rosewall could be, either flashier or steadier, but he got to their level, almost.
Emerson, Ashe, Roche and Nastase all had a better backhand returns that Kodes, and were better than Kodes in every other aspect of the game as well.

PS: Cliff Drysdale had a better backhand return that Kodes, too.
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