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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
What level player is this guy if I may ask? It would give me more perspective on how I am compared to him. As well, man, go with what is most comfortable if it helps, but on that BH and even on a lot of your FHs, move your feet. You are just standing there waiting for the ball to come to you a lot of the time, and then you find yourself struggling and having to reach for the ball. Find that comfort zone of where you would like to hit the ball and move your feet to get in that position and placement.
I don't play in any adult leagues, so I wouldn't know. I self-rate myself around a 4.0 on a good day, 4.5 when I'm on "god-mode". Probably the biggest thing for me is that I lack a lot of match play. I generally only play school tennis, so getting to play matches isn't too common.
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