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Default Old Schooler - Therapy Needed - help!

I mean it - I enjoy the posts on former players and the former game immensely. Thanks all...
My problem, and it really does bother me, is that I can find little enjoyment in the modern pro game. For example, I used to tape and watch and eat up the Slams years ago. I'd work all day, come home , pop in the tape, and be all eyes and ears. And the US Open late night sessions - just a blast to anticipate. Fact is, I (this does bother me) I did not watch one match in its entirity during the last US Open!!!

I enjoy the posts here, and I thought this might be a good place to look for therapy. My need - for you who really know and enjoy the pro game, what should I learn to appreciate about the present male/female pro game? As a lover of our game, what do I need to tune into to enjoy the talent and evolution of today's game?

My background - I revel in the game of the 80's - late 90's.

Thanks for reading this - any tips might really let me see what a lover of the game really appreciates today... Thanks

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