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Red face My tennis drama

I'm fifteen and have had way too many rackets:

1)Wilson ncode n4
-stolen after a couple months
2)Wilson ncode n6?
-the skunk
-my coaches old racket
-misshit serve (cracked it)
3)Wilson Hyper Hamer
-didn't like it
-happy accident with a net pole followed by a mishit forehand
4)Prince exo hybird 104
-didn't like it (way to much power, i didn't know how to read specs then)
-had it for about half a year before retirement
5)Two Solinco Pro 10 's
-players pleener
-My "friend" "strung" one and now its "on-its-way-back" to me (aka stolen)
-string broke on the other one & no money for strings
-my to be main racket
6)Spalding Woody
-given to me by a freindly guy at the park
-string broke on that too (three weeks), and money tied up for stringing machine
7)Old yonex steel frame "The Fun Stick"
-another coaches old racket "he thought it'd be funny to see me play with a sub 60 inch head
-string broke on that one too
Presteige pro midplus (micro gel)
-my friend's
9)Solinco Pro 10
-got a stringing machine
I actually only own 3 rackets now.
*) ncode ntour 2
-my dads used when my strings broke and the two week period that it took to get my racket to sport chalet and back (which happened like every three weeks)
Disclaimer: I have the mind of a teenager
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