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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Austin was a superb baseliner, a pre Seles kind of player with less power but a sort of.However, being so good on the ground, she never won too much on clay and her record on grass,carpet and hard is far better.I think she just didnīt feel comfortable .Hanna was raised on clay, she was more of an attacking lass but she knew how to manouvre, how to slide, was very effective changing the rythim, the effects and used a good drop shot.If Mc Enroe had been able to play the kind of cc tennis hanna did in the 1981 FO, he would have probably one Rg title under his belt.

Frankly, Austin's lack of success at RG specifically, says more about her high school final's schedule and her short shelf life, than her attributes, but otherwise your point is well taken on Hana. Austin would have done well there and maybe won one or two, had she actually played it before 1982. she was able to slide well enough in Italy in 1979, I don't think she lost the skill. Not saying she would have won any particular match or year, but it matters how hard you work to prepare that clay game, if you know you won't be showing up at the premier clay event no matter what. She got almost straight A's though, so she prepared for something. If you'll excuse the pun, she didn't practice sliding through high school

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