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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
Yes, probably because you told them. You are fixated on the guy.

Tennis players are known and discussed by serious tennis fans, who are a marginal, irrelevant group in North America. Casual sports fans (people who like the big four American team sports) generally know nothing about tennis and will stare at you vacantly if you utter the name "Djokovic".
nope. I didn't tell anything to anybody. It's the fact for anyone who loves any kind of sports. I think you are underestimating Americans. I don't know, maybe I was lucky enough to meet some smart and educated Yanks . again, many people in Canada know very well who he is although they don't watch tennis on a regular basis.

now I'm not saying Novak is a household name in the States, of course not, but again people who love sport know who he is.

As for China vs. USA, not really sure how you measure this popularity thing. i think, in general, tennis is much more established and popular in the States than China, but China is getting there.
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