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Try out Norwegian Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole (pronounced something like "Harry Hula" in Norwegian) mysteries, starting with The Redbreast. The Harry Hole character reminds me a bit of early Harry Bosch. The confusing part with these books is that The Redbreast is actually the third novel in the series, but for years the first two novels were not translated into English. Now, finally, those missing novels are getting translated, with the first one "The Bat" coming out in the UK in a couple of weeks; they will probably get released over here in a year or two. There's also one book, called The Redeemer, that has only been released in the UK, too, so far, because the US publishers didn't find it as marketable as other later books in the series. Anyway, here's a short bio on Nesbo and the book reading order: And, yes, I know the above is a bit of overkill, but hey, I'm a fan

I also like the books of South African author Deon Meyer (except Blood Safari). He writes mostly police procedurals, with a little bit of private detective/espionage/thriller thrown in, but everything is set in the same "universe," he just sometimes focuses the stories on one cop/character, then he'll have that cop/character become a secondary character in another book, where the previous book's supporting character now comes to the forefront; sort of like Ed McBain's 87th Precinct stuff, with a South African twist.
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