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Originally Posted by Rogael Naderer View Post

I love living in the UK watching the PATHETIC addicts OUTSIDE pubs, clubs, offices and wherever in the cold, wind and rain.

Gives me a laugh everytime.
Originally Posted by floide View Post
Same here in Brazil. In some regions, the addicts have to go outside if they want to smoke their crap. It's humiliating.
First of all, nicotin addiction is considered a disease (ICD F17.* I would guess without looking it up), like diabetes, arthritis or any other. so there's absolutely no need to mock over these people. Would be much better to accept them being a patient and not some inferior being.

second, the best way to live a long and satisfying life would be to show some composure and let other people live like they want. Trying to always be the better person can be exhausting and pretty annoying to others.
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