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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
You have been preaching to me about this frame for awhile now. I wrongly assumed the 18x20 demo of the Exo Tour would not be that different from the 16x18. It is like night and day. I'm still not sure I ever want to venture back to poly but of course if my arm ever gets better, there is no telling when or if I'll change my mind on that. Any good football games on tomorrow night?
Hey Mikeler, how did you feel that the EXO Tour performs on serving? I have been following this frame for a while now also since the soft flex intrigues me. I am an 18x20 guy and would probably demo that version. Had a BB London tour for a while and just couldn't get the pop I needed on the serve. The BB was an 18x20, but also is a 90 square inch frame so that takes down the power a bit. Currently using a Prestige MG MP and the arm is hanging in there as long as I stick w/Multis.
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