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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
I believe this has been covered many times before. Shortly:
- The Pro stock versions of the Retail -- TGK/TGT, you cannot spot the difference by looking at the pictures. Surely, the pro stock comes with a player sticker inside the throar, most of the time with the Calfskin Head Leather and Pro stock buttcap. However, you can put all that on the retail or remove it from the pro stock. The mold is identical to the Retail. The stiffness and layup is MOSTLY identical (there are some TGKs with a special layup -- TGK238.3, TGK231.3 are examples). There are also some with a specific string patterns -- again 231.3 (MG Radical MP with 16x19), 260.2 (YT Rad MP 16x19), etc
- The Paintjobs (like the PT57A or PT57E) are painted molds that look like current, retail stick. The PT57A is almost identical mold as the TGK238.x or TGT293.x (Prestige MP) but not totally identical. Easiest way to spot it (not that the paint and markings are identical to the retail) is at the string channel endings that extends further passed CAP than the retail stick.

What is unique to the pro stock:
- To you, it may be nothing, to me it may be everything and vice versa.
- To me, the biggest advantages were -- ability to add silicone without getting it too heavy. I love the silicone feel, and love my racket to remain within 350g strung with OG.
- Also, the ability to set the weight and balance the way I want it. There was no way to set the retail Prestige at 350g strung with OG and at 32.8cm balance with silicone in the handle. The retail would easily fo to close to 370g trying to accomplish that.
- What I liked about the PT57A is the flexibility, softness and vibration frequency that helped with my tennis elbow.

So, to me, the Pro stock was worth every penny. If you're buying it just to say you have it, it is not worth it and it is not going to make you a pro. It may improve your game though due to the points I listed above.
Thanks for the info. I understand it's just a racquet but I've always been curious about pro-sticks, especially PT57A. I play with old-schools racquets, high-flex, low-powered so it will be fun to try it out. Now I just have to find one in reasonable condition and for reasonable price.
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