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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
I'd say easy, easy. It's too early. Rao needs to improve dramatically many aspects of his game in order to win a major. not even close. let's see if he can win a master or a 500 event first before we talk about slams.
I agree he has a long way to go to win a slam but he is the only one with potential to do so out of the young guns. The rest are a pack of losers imo, guys like Tomic, Young, Dimitrov, etc. Those guys either don't have enough talent or if the have the talent they don't have the mental component necessary to be at the top. Milos has both potentially. A few weeks ago, I was saying he had terrible movement, a terrible return of serve and a mediocre backhand. If you watched the match against Murray yesterday, you could plainly see that Milos has dramatically improved his backhand, ROS and net game. That shows that he is very driven to succeed and that is what will make the difference for him.

Now he has to go out there and continue to beat top players and win, that is the key. Up until now, he has not been able to do that, he will win an important match or two and then fold in the next, but he is learning so hopefully that will change soon. I just see a huge drive in him that I don't see in any of the other players below the top four.
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