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Ross_K, so I hit with the X Fast Pro yesterday for a bit during warmup. I hate to 'damn this racquet with faint praise', but effectively that is what I'm going to do.

At first, it felt nice. A bit crisper than the X Force Pro, but not nearly as harsh as the 68 stiffness might suggest. Power was OK. Again, not as low-powered as the X Force Pro, but not a rocket launcher by any means. I didn't really notice the extra 1/4".

I think what I didn't like was the weight, and effectively, they way it felt when swinging. While spec say head-light, it definitely felt head-heavier than my X Force Pro. When I switched back to the X Force Pro, I could immediately feel the mass & plow-through difference.

Now, I didn't serve or volley with it (I'm hitting again tomorrow & will give it a swing again), so maybe it has nice pop & maneuverability. I'll update again after the hit.

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pacific x feel tour?
I have one of those for demo as well. I really like this frame, and believe if given some weight in the handle to bring it close to 12oz strung, it would play real solid. I'd recommend that over the X Fast myself, but it may not have the power Ross_K is looking for. Then again, with another 1 1/2 oz added, it very well may.
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