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Originally Posted by TheFifthSet View Post
You ranked him as better than many modern players, including Sampras I believe, Nadal etc.....

David Ferrer is number five in the world. That's an elite player. He's one inch taller than Laver. One inch. One inch and -1000 less talent.

Your arguments really aren't making much sense here.
(sigh) I'm talking about apple and you're talking about oranges.

The height issues playing in modern tennis that I've explained has nothing to do with the goat debate. It's not about career achievements, not about how much a player dominated his generation. Do you understand?

And Ferrer is not an elite player. In that case Del Potro must one of all time great then. Even if a player managed to win 1 slam, I wouldn't call that an elite player. You got to do a whole lot better than be an elite player.
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