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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Murray has lost to a lot of guys when unfocussed and unmotivated eg. Young and Bogomolov. Those 2 guys only did it the once. They've been blasted off the court in all their subsequent encounters with him.

Raonic, on the other hand, has now beaten Murray twice and yesterday's match was a down the wire thriller against a guy who, although a bit more error prone than usual, was highly motivated to win the tournament and defend his title. Raonic fought back against a break down in the final set and 2 match points at 5-6. It was his willpower and nerve that saw him through when every other lesser ranked player woulld have shut up shop at that point. Clearly he is highly motivated to win against even the very top players and this suggests he has the ambition and game to take it all the way. Only time will tell if he succeeds but he seems to have every chance to do so.

That is exactly how I see it. When you see that type of drive which is so rare today and only the very top players have it, that is the biggest indicator of future success imo.

Also, I recently saw an interview with Milos' mother and she was talking about how motivated her son was even when he was a young kid. He would be the one to pester his parents all the time to go out and practise. A person either has that type of drive to succeed or they don't . It can't be manufactured.

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