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Originally Posted by 6-1 6-3 6-0 View Post
By the way, I hope Federer is pointing to the exit in that avatar, since that's the way he's heading. Although, personally, I don't want Federer to retire, since I'd like Nadal to finish up his career having beaten Federer in the final of all four slams, and have at least a 4-0 hard-court slam H2H lead, including 4-1 at Wimbledon (if Federer goes deep at Wimbledon, which is unlikely) and 2-0 at the US Open. One more win at Roland Garros would be nice too, making it a career bagel (6-0).
OH you cruel person!! but see feds already beaten nadal twice at wimbledon so cant happen but yes I can see how for a 26 year old in his prime beating a 31 year old is an achievment
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