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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
Fed's BH is pretty. Rafa BH is fugly. It's all about beauty btw.
Fed's hair > Rafa's
Mirka sexier than Xsisca, lol, OK I'll shut up
You know how hot Mirka used to be.

Originally Posted by President View Post
On the other hand, IMO Nadal's forehand is currently better than Federer's on most of the tour surfaces. Federer's forehand is still easily the second best on tour and by far the best on faster surfaces and indoors but overall Nadal has it these days by a decent margin.
I disagree. Federer penetrates the court a lot easier and has an easier time picking up halfvolleys from the baseline and hitting FH DTLs. Last but not least, he also has more touch and variety from that wing. Don't laugh, his forehand dropshots can be really lethal. Nadal on the other hand is underusing them.

I would give Nadal advantages in consistency and on the run, but the latter is mostly movement anyway.

I would definitely pick Nadal's on a claycourt, but Federer everywhere else.
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