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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
Why are most of their rallies this way? Federer, who is better at everything according to his fans, and is the more aggressive player, should be the one dictating play and sending his forehands to Nadal's backhand much more than vice-versa. Federer has the better serve: he should be following up Nadal's weak returns (remember, Nadal is a "terrible returner") by pounding the short return to Nadal's backhand over and over again. Yet the rallies almost always--via some unseen demonic force--reverse and Nadal ends up being the one in control dictating play and attacking the Federer backhand.
Federer has to be incredibly aggressive to dominate Nadal. (i.e. stand in his BH corner and drill forehands)

Nadal can just wail away from his forehand corner and hit an I/O FH when he pleases.

And please, stop making up strawman FGS. He is a decent returner, especially when Federer's serve is concerned. His passing shots also make it difficult when Federer has a shorter ball, something he would easily follow to the net if he faced another player.
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