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Being from the south, you might not be aware that because of the Ohio weather/winter, many regular players join a club. Through any decent sized well run club you should find they can put you in contact with a group at your rating or in a drill class. If you get contact with a group... there you go. For the drill class, if you see some players in the drill you think would be competitive, introduce yourself and take the conversation from there.

Another cheap option may not be available for you at this point, due to the weather getting cooler.... but try to find the best larger outdoor courts in your area that are in good shape. Drive by in the late spring or early summer at different times to see who is playing where. If there are a few guys out that look to be your range, again, introduce yourself.

Third option is internet. I'm not sure if this is useful in Columbus, but go to gamesnake dot com. It's a free site you sign up for a variety of sports, including tennis. (Really popular for ultimate frisbee, biking, and soccer.) Then you submit "a game" for tennis this Sat. 9am at such-and-such park looking for advanced player etc, etc. and the site emails all the other players in the database within 50 miles who signed up on gamesnake and who listed tennis/advanced as one of their 10 games they like to play.

Like someone once said, "There are no friends in the world, just strangers... until you introduce yourself." Good luck!
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