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Ok so I have spent a lot of time with this phone, even made my own ringtone with

One thing that rattled me is no led lights blinking upon emails or missed texts/calls. But I set up my notifications so when I get a text the screen turns on, which works.

Right there huge difference - with the droid, the lag when the screen turns on from a text it is truly annoying. It is just not nearly as fast and zippy. I can swipe in and voice to text my friends back SO fast with the i5. The droid with all its dual cores is just not as fast. I have used voice to text so much and if you do, just go iphone because it is super fast. The funny thing is that the ROMS they made for droid could not turn the screen on fast enough so most people are hacking their phones backwards to turn that function off. Whereas the i5 just turns on instantly right out of the box. I will never jailbreak this phone. There is no need to.

Also, using Jellybean and the google answer to siri, it is just not as fast or developed. It basically is kind of stalkerish and gives you updates from what you type in your phone that are not even relevant sometimes. Where as SIRI is a very easy shortcut for me that hears my voice better. You can do the basic stuff like ask what the weather is, or say "text john whats up today" and it just does it for you with no delay. That is really the secret or why even use it. A function like this has to be fast and smooth or it is a waste of time. So while I have told siri to call me by my first name and all the novel things, the main attraction for me is the speed and simplicity. For example there is something on tomorrow that I want to watch but will probably forget. So I just asked it to set a reminder to watch it and its done. A reminder will pop up at the time of the event tomorrow. So if you are not the most organized person this is extremely helpful since it is so insanely easy and fast to do.

I like the keyboard a lot. I used swype and swiftkey before, and while those were great I dont find myself missing them. I can text with my is just easy and fast to hitches.

Battery life..I took the phone down to 1% and then charged it up to 100%...went to bed with the phone off the charger and the phone was down to 96%. That is exceptional. My new droid would drop to 80% at least in sleep mode.

It is at 85% right now and so far looks to be an excellent battery.

Huge difference in apps like facebook and instagram. I mean it is unfair. If somone has an S3 ask them to open facebook. It is a joke how slow that thing opens up, but on the i5 I was blown is so much faster that its laughable. Instagram is a far better experience as well as it has more options and is faster and easier to use. So if you are into social apps, the iphone is a clear winner.

I wont even get into the web browser because it is not even close..super fast and responsive.

For those who say it is the new network (I am equally impressed with verizon, it makes sprint look like a huge not waste your money on sprint. I honestly can not believe the reception I was missing out on), I did all these comparisons on the same wifi connection.

Basically I cant imagine going back to droid after this. I have 1 screen and everything is on it with room to spare. No more rooting around looking for an app or waiting for google to load..etc.

I would like to have data while I have voice, but I am usually on the phone at my place and on wifi so I still get my texts in that situation. So it is not a huge deal, but obviously I will be excited when verizon sets up their LTE to the point where both can be done. I made the sacrifice though because verizons coverage is so amazing that I get reception literally anywhere. My phone would roam in my apt on sprint and get 1 bar with att. Verizon, it has full bars so i dont miss calls or have drops and garbled conversations anymore.
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