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Originally Posted by AnotherTennisProdigy View Post
You have to remember, a lot of the top ten's second serves are as good as Serena's first serve.

Here are the top 10 and what I think:

1. Roger Federer- No
2. Novak Djokovic- No
3. Andy Murray- No
4. Rafael Nadal- No
5. David Ferrer- No, the doubles alley rule won't help her much against a great defender like Ferrer.
6. Tomas Berdych- Very little chance, but Berdych is prone to choking. This can show in the one serve rule.
7. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga- No, too much game for Serena IMO. The doubles alley would help with the passing shots though.
8. Juan Martin del Potro- No, would overpower Serena easily.
9. Janko Tipseravic- No
10. Juan Monaco- Very little chance, but her best shot aside from Berdych on an off day.
Berdych won't choke against Serena in an exhibition match.
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