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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
The fact that Federer needs a fast surface to realize his backhand is an argument against the strength of Federer's backhand, not for it. On a fast indoor surface Federer can flick the ball down the line using the other guy's pace for a winner. On a slow court, he can't generate sufficient pace most of the time to hit backhand winners. When he hits them it is by redirecting a hard hit ball from a perfect angle. He has to run around a not very hard hit short ball to hit a forehand because he cannot generate the power needed on his backhand.
I dunno, he can certainly create pace as well. Just not very often off Nadal's balls.

Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
The point, faranell, is this:

1. Many of the most active posters here (those who start threads) are previously banned posters returning under new usernames.
2. They have time. Lots of time.
3. They have nothing better to do than to spend every waking hour on an internet forum.

Eg. The OP has been on the forum for less than a month. During that time, he has started 25 threads and has more than 450 posts.

So, what does one do? One can ignore users but there is no tool to prevent us from seeing this explosive diarrhoea of inane threads. So, you just try to go away from the forums for weeks at a time. When you come back, you discover that you've missed nothing. Work for me all the time.

Or better, just go to the Racquets subforum. That is still a saner forum than General Pro Player discussion and Pro-Match Results.
I have been banned true, but I didn't need to make a dupe, they just unbanned me.

What's wrong with comparing their current BHs? Clearly there is some room for dicussion.

Why is diarrhea always referred to as "explosive"? I don't think I've ever smashed a toilet after a burrito.
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