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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Played my first match and got spanked!

Whats the return of serve secret technique?

Its the hardest thing to learn, I am for from being good at it. The most common technique is to press any shot button when your opponent tosses the ball. Hold that button until the opponent makes contact on the serve, then release and move to the ball. What that does is trigger the Auto-positioning system within the game, it will make your player take half a step to the right direction. Then you release the button and move him the rest of the way.

Positioning is VERY important. You need to know if your opponent is lefty or righty, to anticipate the spin (slice) and compensate with a small step to that side.

Another thing is that because of Serving being so sensitive, it leads to a lot of people having "favorite" serves, or rather spots they can hit better then other spots. After a few games you will see exactly what serves your opponent is adapt to hitting best. You can then cover a bit more for these.

It seems out of this world hard, and that is why we reduced Serving stats in ITST mod. They are really low and may even have to be lower.

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