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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
The flaw in your argument is that you are trying to take an outsiders look at the characteristics of the NTRP system and the 4.5 level in particular and extrapolate them to actual results of a hypothetical match with a top 1000 female. This is akin to being a restaurant reviewer who only looks at a menu and the chef's recipes and resume then uses that data to rate his meal.

The biggest flaw in your argument is that the NTRP system is far from perfect. I can guarantee you that there are current legitimate computer-rated 4.5s in the US who possess 5.0 level skills and are possibly even better than that. So now the argument becomes could a man with 5.0 level skills (or even better) take multiple games or sets from a top 1000 woman? I think it would be easy to find a male in this category who regularly hits monster serves and was a decent returner and match them up with a top 1000 woman who had weak serve and return skills and I don't think the results are predictable at all. Cherry pick a six foot six inch male with a booming serve and match them against the shortest and weakest returning WTA top 1000 female and you are still guaranteeing the female wins with bagels and breadsticks? I'll take a piece of that action any day and twice on Sundays.
Look man, I'm not talking about people who "trick the system" but even so...even 5.0's ...they're still not close to pro women. They would get more games than 4.5's but still no sets.
Also...if there are 5.5 + players playing as computer rated 4.5's ... then everybody involved with NTRP rating and/or organizing tournaments around there is an idiot, because the difference between 5.5+ and 4.5 is a quantum leap, and anybody worth their salt when it comes to tennis knowledge would need exactly 15 minutes to tell that one of those guys doesn't belong in 4.5 leagues.
Anyway I'm not going to argue with cherry picking a sandbagger with huge serves and big returns and pick the weakest possible server on the wta...what would the result be...bla bla...but I will say this :
If you take the top 500 wta and the top 500 ranked 4.5's in the USA, and match them either 1 with 1, 2 with 2...etc OR 4.5 will get more than 2 games per set. how.
Also ... LeeD, your history lessons are boring. We are talking about the present and you keep bringing up your lefty serve from 1965. Let me tell you this...I've seen your video serve...and I believe you it was much bigger 30 years ago. However...IF you actually trained with pro or close to pro women (and that's a big if), the restrictions imposed upon you as a hitting partner have nothing to do with "fear of getting beat" and have everything to do with whatever the coach felt the girl needed to train. That's the role of hitting train whatever the "pro" needs. Now...could we stick to this century please ???
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