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Originally Posted by Lemoned View Post
He did a pretty much similar job in NY prior to US Open as the 'global brand ambassador'. Yes, that's how they call him.

Of course the deal itself was a big deal. But you don't know the details of the contract and the rest is just your assumptions. Again how you know what they wanted from him? I wouldn't rule out the possibility that they totally didn't mind him playing Beijing.

Munich tournament is called "BMW Open". Tokyo - Rakuten Open, not Uniqlo Open. By your logic, Nadal should play Seoul Samsung challenger as he's sponsored by KIA.
Of course, I don't know the details of his contract. I stated that in my OP. That's why I said I would have thought they would put into his contract that he has to play in the Japan Open. If I knew it was or wasn't in there, I wouldn't be speculating, would I?

"Not minding" him playing in China is not the same as preferring that he played in Japan.

As a major Japanese company and multi-million doallr sponsor of Djokovic, I'm sure they would prefer that he played in the Japan Open. I'm sure even if the tournament in Munich was called the "German Open", BMW would still prefer the players they sponsor to come to Munich and play in the tournament.

Nadal does not play in challengers anywhere in the world, but if he did, yes it would be a snub to his sponsor Kia if he chose to play in another challenger in Japan instead of the one in Korea that's happening at the same time.
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