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Just hit the sweet spot 100% of the time!

I actually know what you mean though. I used the 6.1 95's for the larger part of my tennis "career" and I have experience the same thing. The 6.1 has a spotty bed, which for me is when the bed can hit with absolute monstrous power and Presicion in one spot, and absolutely die in another. (also a huge problem with the areo storms for me)

What I find helped was stringing a bit tighter on the crosses then the mains with a more control oriented string. The 6.1 is a powerful and stiff stick to start with, so to avoid arm problems I strung with a stiff multi. (rip control) at a pretty high tension near the end of my playing days with them. (58/60, 60/62) it didn't feel great on the arm, but it really helped get rid of the spotty-ness.

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