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Originally Posted by Roger Wawrinka View Post
Okay, So this screw is the one that is sticking right out behind the tension head correct? I do not have to take anything apart.

Yes, that is correct. Turning clockwise widens the gripper and turning counterclockwise closes it. Basically you want to make sure that the gripper surface is clean (I use a cotton shoelace dipped in denatured alcohol) and grips the string as lightly as you can without it slipping. With some soft strings you may get a little ghosting but that is ok.

I cannot believe you need a new tension head--this is a Neos 1500 we are talking about (that machine cannot be very old)--your absolute worst case scenario is having it serviced by the folks at tennis machines dot com (they are the best) for a 100 bucks. Get a Wise only if you want a Wise--I don't think you need one. Good luck.
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