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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Not sure what you are saying here. The hacks I was referring to where the club players I see (like the one who approached me for help with the forehand), not coaches. It had nothing to do with you, so what are you talking about?
Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Also I have said many times that I think you are a good coach who studies all the modern developments. It has nothing to do with MTM. That is why I suggested you branch off and start MTM2 where you need not be defensive about the MIT video, count till 5 etc. but can just pursue your passion.
I'll just accept that as a nice compliment and say thanks, but I do relate strongly to
the hacks you mention before I got more into coaching and learning MTM, being
one of those who found it and appreciated it so.
But your point is well taken that my personal and early coaching result were too
solid to be of your example.
And also like you sometimes mention, those of us who were playing traditional for
years often to migrate over to many on these principles of modern strokes. I guess
I just have more appreciation for this system as being quite complete with regards
to stroke technique and filled in some holes what I had learned (even though I
had studied Nick, Vic, Jy, RL, Macci, Evert, USTPA, etc...).
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